Viewing .pdf downloads from Internet Explorere

When I approve invoices in OneSite, I have to view the attachment by clicking on a link. When the 'View Downloads' box opens up, there is a [2] added to the filename, which won’t open in adobe. I get an error message that says 'Windows can't open this file'. In order to view the file, I have to save it to my download folder and then rename it to delete the [2] part from the file extension. There’s got to be a better work around or solution. I’ve tried deleting my temporary files in Internet Explorer and reverting to a previous version, but nothing seems to help. If I try to view it multiple times, eventually the filename will show a [1] at the end and adobe will open this.

Please help!!! This is very frustrating and uses up a lot of my time.

OneSite seems to be aware of this issue but I ask if you can call them to see if this issue has been resolved or if a work around is in place. This problem seems to be happening at many locations. Please let Melissa and the IT department know what OneSite says.

I spoke with OneSite support. She told me the reason we are having this problem is when an attachment is uploaded using the SCAN feature, a file name is not entered in the indicated box. Before the last update, OneSite would automatically assign the file name 'scan.pdf' but apparently, it doesn't do that anymore, so we are left with a blank file name and the .pdf extension. Please see attached screenshot. I have tested this out and it worked like it should.