Microsoft Lync - Instant Messenger Install

Here's a tutorial on how to use the program. Please be aware that the phone feature will probably not work. This program is intended only for quick messages, especially short ones that are not necessary to send via email.


Install Lync on your computer. (You must have a Microsoft 365 account to use this feature, if you still have an Ellipse email account or Google account this feature is not available.)

  1. Sign in to Office 365 with via the resources section of the Richsmith Internal Homepage.
  2. Go to Settings > Office 365 Settings. (upper right hand corner)
  3. Choose Software > Lync. (Left Menu side)
  4. Make sure Microsoft Outlook is already closed on your computer, Click Install

5. Once the application is installed, use your email address as your user name and email password.

(Optional) Install Lync on your mobile deviceGo to the appropriate app store for your device and search for Lync 2013.
1. Sign in using your email account and email password after it is installed.